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Every initiative starts with a problem, our germinate with the realization that there is stats a large gap between the announcements and the actual work done on the ground. And this is mainly due to lack of expertise in the development professionals. To us the solution seems simple as well as complex, simple as in the sector require the professionals to serve it. Complex as in, this sector is very unorganized and difficult to work in...

Our Services...

FPO development

  • Capacity building

  • Digitalization

  • Formalization of organization

  • intrapreneurship  development


Grassroot innovations

Creating and development of tools for the easy acceptance in the society for community development 

Business Model development

Community oriented/ inclusive business model development for better implementation nd overall development of the society 


for the independent project development, marketing and business development, capacity building and many more...

We are inheritors of a rural civilization. The vastness of our country, the vastness of the population, the situation and the climate of the country have, in my opinion, destined it for a rural civilization. Its defects are well known but not one of them is irremediable.

Mahatma Gandhi

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