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Logo Elements

Outline shape of the logo of ReachToRoot was inspired by Peeple tree as  Peepal or Ficus religiosa is a tree that hasn't been worshipped since the dawn of Indian civilization and has great medicinal value apart from religious significance. This also represents the universal acceptance. By this philosophy, we symbolize our value towards India. 


Peeple tree symbolizes knowledge and tree that removes suffering in the physical and spiritual dimensions of the universe. Inspiring from Ayurveda, Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, we commit our value to remove the suffering from the society by knowledge without losing contact from the roots.


Long back when the formal banking system was not established properly in India, Peepal tree leaves used to be exchanged for any deal as a symbol of trust. By this, we set our value of trust towards the society and individual without losing indigenousness.


Since Peepal belongs to the Ficus family, they grow their roots quite easily in any worst condition and anywhere. By this we symbolize our value towards growing in a resource constraint environment where others are not able to reach even.

Peepal is a tree that also gives the room to other trees to grow, which can give it a healthy competition with others and also trying to provide incubation to others.

Different colors and sections in leaves indicate the diversity of India and our commitment to work for/in diverse environments. 

White lines in the leaf indicate the patch (muddy road or कच्चे रस्ते). These patches are the roads that connect rural India (Bharat) and urban India (India). This indicates our commitment to last-mile problems, unexplored /marginalized sectors of India. As well its non-liners property represents our acceptance and understanding towards the negotiated boundary of our country. 

The three white dots in the section indicate gaps that need to be filled for the development of individuals and the community of the country. Our Vision and Mission is to connect all such dots and odds, which wholly represent the leaves of Peepal.

102, Shantivan Appartment, Ghanshyamnagar Society, Kalawad Road, Rajkot -360005


 Opening Hours: Mon - Fri: 10am-8pm,​​ Saturday: 11am-7pm

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